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Monthly Archives: March 2014

A Learner’s Cerebral Process

A Learners' Cerebral

By: Javier Garcia


Roads are Obstacles

Roads are obstacles we all cross

Making a decision can come

Knowing it can change

Knowing how long I stood

And seeing how I could

Continue with this path

Making a difference in my life

It is not only me

Going through this

Having to go to college

Having that knowledge

On what’s right or wrong

Making this and having this done

No matter how hard life is

Take the step that can make a difference

This is my life.


By Pedro Baltazar

“To be a learner means to challenge myself to do things that I could not do before in order to improve myself as a student and also as a human being. I believe that true learners do not shun their areas of weakness but instead embrace them as opportunities to further improve themselves. True learners to me are people that make a lot of mistakes but always learn something new from their mistakes and work to teach these newfound lessons to the people around them. I believe in these lessons because I wasn’t always an excellent student and I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my academic life. I was the mediocre kind of student back in my middle school days, getting Ds and Cs and even running the risk of being kicked out of my honors English class for not being able to live up to expectations. These experiences have really helped me to get my act together in high school and to be the best that I can be. I believe that true learners are not people that learn things but also teach them to others. I believe that true learners are people that always strive for something better and that never stop pursuing their goals. I believe that true learners work to treat each other equally. I believe that true learners strive to learn something new from every single experience that they face even if those experiences are outside of school and I believe that all of my fellow classmates, teachers, friends and I are all true learners who will never stop learning.”
–Oscar K.

My Only One Decision

Education empowers me to be a leader

But sometimes my predictions

Are not good enough because of

So many roads to choose from

Only one decision will

Determine where I want to go

But there are obstacles that come from

Where I come from.

Only my decision will

Let me be free


By Cindy Sifontes

Visualize Your Education

Visualize Your Education

By Maricruz Martinez

The Path

The path I’m on

Is different from

The path my fam has gone

I used to think that where I lived

Would keep me from success

But where I live is why I am

Striving for the best

By Laura Arevalo

“There have been many events in my life that have made me want to quit trying to achieve a successful life because it was the easier way out, but I realize that learning happens whether you think it’s a choice or not. I can never stop learning even if I wanted to because my life as a daughter, sister, friend, and even girlfriend has made me realize that education is inevitable; It’s up to me to choose what path I want to take and how far I want to expand my learning experiences. In order for me to understand the abilities that come with being a learner, I must have discipline to realize what the truth is that I am facing at the moment and what my choices are in order to make the choice that will help me grow as an individual. My choice is easy. Going to school and not only being street smart, but also book smart is what I believe will allow me to know what it means to truly be a learning. To understand and face any situation that you are put in is to be successful.”
-Maria U.