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“As a learner, I have taken every opportunity to grow and learn about my community. I search for ways to expand my knowledge beyond classroom lessons. Knowledge is the key to my success, and without it, I am nothing. To be a learner means to be free. There are children in the world who grow to be ignorant, keeping them from the truth. To be a learner is to seek out the truth in life and explore the infinite possibilities of who I can be. To be a learner is to be me. Knowledge is given to us because we are the future.” – Joy Esteban


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  1. I think this is a really good way to look at learning: not just sitting in school learning from books or worksheets, but learning from everything- expanding to outside of school and the classroom. I think that that’s what is lacking for a lot of people in our generation- the drive to achieve knowledge, to learn things. You added that there are children who grow up ignorant, but those people aren’t the ones we want saving people’s lives, running the government, or teaching the next generation of children. Knowledge is the only way one can be successful at the important things; not just textbook knowledge, but knowledge about life, your surrounding world, everything.
    Kyla Grau


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