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By: Evelyn Anaya


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  1. I really do enjoy this. It serves as a dual message about how you should have an inspiration, and you shouldn’t judge people just because they have less than you. This has a great message that has great emotions displayed throughout the picture that makes me think of how I should make a difference in this world. It has so little and so much, which is why it is so powerful.

  2. This is a very good point that you make in your artwork. It really makes you think about the odds that this is true, and that if everybody could get the education, would we have the cure by now?

  3. Your artwork made me think about education and learners in a brand new way. You ask a simple question, but it’s a really alarming one. It made me pause to think about how many people are being condemned to die every day perhaps because of society’s failure to educate equally. You convey this idea in a way that appeals to even those who have been most fortunate because your work focuses less on the right to education but more on what all of society could be missing out on and what responsibility it bears to provide education. Your artwork’s striking image and colors asks viewers to look at education differently and asks them to consider what they stand to lose by failing to uphold their responsibility to learners everywhere.


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