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by: Byankarubi Torres


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  1. For me, this really captured what learning can feel like. The tree in the cage makes me think of an interest that keeps on growing, but can be constrained by the restrictions of time and curriculum that school puts forth. I think the contrast with the silver of the girls face and the color in the cage show how learning can ignite something new, I definitely connected with that feeling.

    This is a beautiful piece of art, I really enjoyed it! Good luck with this project and the rest of the semester!

    • Byankarubi Torres

      Thank you, Aditi, for taking the time to comment on my work! It pleases me to know that you understood the message I was trying to convey. Just as you said, time and curriculum do restrict a student’s ability to dwell deeper into an interest he/she has and, in some cases, discourages them to pursue that interest. Most students can never get fully involved and/or interested in any of the core subjects because of the rushed nature of most classes, so the tree of knowledge/wisdom stays stunted and locked up in the minds of students. Sorry this was such a lengthy comment, but once again thank you! (:
      Good luck in your educational journey!


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