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I Did Not Choose

I did not choose this road-

This road chose me.

Just as easy as learning

To crawl and eventually fall

This road chose me and I’m

Glad cause look at what I’ve made

I don’t know where I am

But I’m ready to fall

Bring it, throw me, push me, but you will never break me

Nothing can break me

Nothing can stop me

So try me

This road chose me

You can’t phase me

I do as I please

And when I’m at the top screaming

Think of me

This road chose me

By Angela Corro


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  1. I really connected to when you said “bring it, throw me, push me, but you will never break me. Nothing can break me. Nothing can stop me.” It made me think about where I am now and how happy I am with the path that chose me. Also how right now, nobody can bring me down right now

  2. Chloe Williamson

    I really connected with your writing when you said “Nothing can stop me.” I connected with it because I have felt the way you have before. No one and nothing can stop me from getting what I want in life. When I was little I was told over and over again that I wouldn’t be able to be a cheerleader because of my heart/chest condition, but I faught them on it and I became the cheerleader I wanted to become. The captain of the squad and being on Varsity as a sophomore. The point is, you can’t let other people interfer with your goals, if you want something you go get it, you don’t stand it wait for it to come to you, you go and get it.

  3. I think the use of short sentences helps get the point across and I like how you used the line “this road chose me” at the beginning and then at the end. I think it really helps tie it all together. This poem is empowering and makes the reader believe they can do anything they set their mind to.


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