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“I study so I can gain the knowledge to find solutions to reform the issues of my community and the communities of the disadvantaged. To be a learner, it requires hardships, hard work and self confidence. Without these three components being a learner loses its purpose, and the goals and dreams will be merely just unreachable thoughts. It is my duty as a learner to have the responsibility for my own education and to put all my efforts in achieving the greatest. As a learner, I endeavor to gain new knowledge as well as teach others the wisdom I have, so someday every individual can be educated. A world society where everyone is educated will definitely help sustain the humanity of this nation. Smart or not, rich or poor, if people are educated of what are the “right” things to do, their choices will help preserve the ever so vulnerable world. Ultimately, to me learning is team work not solo work. “No one person is better than all of us together”. We all need to work the better OUR SOCIETY. –Dong Hyuk S.


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  1. I fully agree with your description. We have a duty to educate ourselves so that we can improve the world around us, and education is the key to a better future. You have communicated your ideas very clearly, and we I believe we share some of the same beliefs.


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