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I Was Told

I was told to write a poem about my journey.

A poem explaining what I must do, what I have faced,

who I have met, and who I have lost.

But I have no idea what I must do,

I’m just blindly going on.

Waiting to find truth.

I have no recollection of what I have faced,

My subconscious is repressing my memories

For that I thank.

I dare not speak of who I have met,

I’m afraid I’ll jinx their existence.

Into another mistake.

I have no strength to speak of who I have lost,

They left me by choice.

Hopefully by mistake.

I was told to write a poem about my journey.

A poem explaining what I want,

what I have, and what I need.

But what I want is impossible for me,

To be my mom’s pride and joy.

That was already taken from me.

I can’t talk of what I have,

Because it seems as if it’s nothing.

I’m just being ungrateful.

I think of what I need,

Guidance and a whole lot of patience.

I’m really just trying to find me.

I was told to write a poem about my journey.

All have to say is I’m barely starting,

I still have my whole life left.

To write a poem about my journey.

By Rubi Torres


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  1. First of all, you are a fantastic poet. When I read your poem, I immediately felt connected with you. You seem like a good person, who has gone through more then your share of difficulties in your life, one being feeling as though you have nothing. Although you do have something, you have the future. One of my favorite lines in your poem was the line “I’m just blindly going on.” I felt connected to you because it seems like everyone has their whole life figured out, and like you, I am going through life without knowing what the future holds. But isn’t that the beauty of future? You never know what you are in store for, and you never know what you will learn along your path.I really did love reading your poem. You have an amazing way with words. I truly hope that you have a long bright journey ahead of you. Maybe someday I will be lucky enough to hear more about your journey.

    • Byankarubi Torres

      Thank you SO much, Abigail! I’m really glad that my poem spoke out to you, and hopefully other kids/students our age. Often times, I find many students complaining about their uncertainty for the future and I always found myself agreeing with them. Even though I already claimed my major in college, I still have bouts of uncertainty as to whether that major is right for me or not and that’s why when I was given this assignment I instantly knew what to write about. This sense of fear and anxiety I, and other students, deal with when asked about our futures. I really liked what you said, though. That the beauty of future is not knowing what’s in store for you and that you will learn along the way. It made me realize that maybe I shouldn’t stress over things too much like I do now and cause my hair to fall out (just kidding!).
      Thanks again for your kind words, they really made me smile.
      Good luck in school and on your journey! 🙂

  2. I really love this poem. I love that you addressed the assignment as a question and then changed it to show how you really feel instead of how you think people want you to feel. This is so testimonial to a high school student. The last line really hit me as I connect with it very well. We’re just teenagers and we can’t possibly know what we want. Everyone wants us to know what we’re going to do right now and know why everything in life is happening. Truth is that we have no idea what is going on and that is how it is supposed to be. The people that have come and gone Re not in our reign of control. We can only choose to put our next foot forward and see what happens next.

    • Byankarubi Torres

      I’m glad you loved my poem, Monica! Addressing this assignment as a question was the best course of action for me, because that way I would be able to ascertain my mindset right now. Which is still that of a young woman trying to figure things out, like most people my age. I also completely agree with you about us not knowing what is going on and that that is how things are supposed to be, because we’re in the major transitional point in our lives where we go from carefree kids to adults with bills, debts, loans, and a variety of other things to worry about. That alone would confuse anyone and we need time to assess our situations, analyze, and determine the next best course of action for our wellbeing.
      Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you start to figure out what’s going on (I hope i do too)! (:


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