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My Road

My road is to not care

About what people think

About me anymore.

It’s to worry about myself

And not what others say.

Success is key to my life

So I’ll keep it that way.

Some people see me as weak.

I see myself strong.

I‘ve been place I thought id never go,

I’m not depressed person,

But in not going to say I’m happy.

I have a single mom who works hard

Everyday to just put money on the table

That will eventually go away.

Money doesn’t make happy.

Sure money can buy you things,

But in the end, it worth nothing.

That’s why in the end,

My road is to keep my head up

And show people that I can do it

And anyone else can as long

As you follow your own path

And ignore the negative

That comes your way.

By Denise Garcia


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