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Roads Meant to Turn

My road is a twist and turn

When I switch to another path it burns

I feel the heat and pressure

No one can ever measure our extremities

But me sometimes I write some melodies

Explaining my road from growing up

To being raised in the ghetto

From moving house to house

There’s nothing that can stop me now

I will go to college and be the first

The most diverse individual

Then I am going to make myself the most visible

Family all the same and they always blame

But me I got all the fame and glory

At the end of it all they going to try and find me

Trying to find me like Finding Dory

Everybody is going to be jealous of my individual glory

I will not rest like the jury

So please stop and just adore me

Or you know you can also ignore me

I will be the one laughing with my expertise

I will not lease I will own

Will become a professional dreamer

Words from the great Mahatma Gandhi

So now you can turn or burn

By Michael Vasquez


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