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“To be a learner means to have a hunger for knowledge. The easiest way to get a first bite is through education. Schools feed our students intelligence, whether the children are aware of it or not. It has been in my experience that the best way one can ever attain wisdom, is by feeding on every bite of sagacity he or she can. At an early age, I became exposed to visual arts, which in fact brought me a key to unlock the door that lead me to a beautiful world I soon longed to be a part of. My earliest memory of art was in elementary school. “Take out your pencils, and draw anything.” I looked around and saw everyone drawing. In that moment I felt overwhelmed because, in front of me, stood a white sheet of paper, and a pencil. The possibilities were endless. I fell in love with art that day. My love and abilities grew as I was exposed to various types of art. Still lives, self-portraits, 2d drawings. I soaked it all in. Being in a small pilot school with art and humanities as main focuses, it sure felt like a second home.” -Juan S.


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