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Life Long Learner

Life Long Learner

By Marilyn Padilla


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  1. I really like this, it is very true to how life is. To reach your goals and dreams you have to be a lifelong learner even after high school and college. Also how each of the books is kind of a section of your life that you need in order to become successful. This is really good.

  2. I really love this work of art! The different books are really relevant to learning and remind me of learning I am doing and decisions I am making at this point in my life. I think the fact that you included grief in this art is very important. Though grief is awful, it is a part of learning. We all live through loss and I think it’s a valuable part of growing as a person and a learner. The inclusion of the trash can is also nice. It reminds me of failures I’ve had: bad ideas, bad decisions, not living up to my full potential. The trash can shows that even these bad experiences still play a part in our learning. Your art it very easy to identify with, and depicts learning in a great way!

  3. Nicole Hasstedt

    The stack of books seemingly large represent the hard work it takes to achieve the goals and dreams you are reaching for, which happens to be where the said stack of books ends. The trash can sitting below the desk got me thinking about the countless pages that get torn out of a notebook and into the trash when writing an essay. The drafts and failed ideas thrown out until the final draft is finished. The final draft representing your hopes, dreams, and goals.


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