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My Only One Decision

Education empowers me to be a leader

But sometimes my predictions

Are not good enough because of

So many roads to choose from

Only one decision will

Determine where I want to go

But there are obstacles that come from

Where I come from.

Only my decision will

Let me be free


By Cindy Sifontes


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  1. You make me think about decisions that I’ve had to make throughout my life I’ve had when you said only one decision will determine where I go.

  2. Sanjay Koduvalli

    Your poetry really illuminates an important struggle that I can relate to. As a reader, I could feel the indecisiveness you felt and the hesitation you must have because you want to make the right choice and there are so many options to choose from.
    When you were writing this, did you have a big decision to make? For me, I related to this poem because it fits my indecisiveness at choosing a college.

  3. This poem is spot on to how I’ve felt as a high school student. No matter how much you learn you never know where your next move will take you or if it’s even the right move. Great poem!


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