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Shaping Education

Shaping Education

By Maria Urquilla


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  1. The phrase on the pyramids is really powerful and makes you think. I like how complex the meaning behind the image is.

  2. The idea of “the only new thing in the world is the history you don’t know”, is true to a certain degree, and it shows the importance of learning history so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past. Everything cycles back around, it may have new manifestations, but the concepts are generally the same. And if we know the past we are better prepared for the future.
    But it doesn’t mean that we need to be so absorbed in the past hat we don’t explore and look for new things in the future.
    Really cool art I like the ties to teotihuacan.

  3. Allyse Shoeman

    I think this is so beautiful and it really got me thinking about learning in a new way. Great job!

  4. Lovely drawing. I like the text surrounded by things you can “learn,” emphasizing your point that everything is there for you already, you just have to learn it.

  5. Maria Urquilla

    Thank you all so much for your great comments. I am glad that Donald pointed out the importance of not being “absorbed in the past”. In terms of what my art work means to me, I believe that education should be about learning of your past and others as well. I personally don’t feel connected to my culture and I don’t blame my family, but I feel education can help me find that connection that I want.


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