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I seek a road

That will lead me to success

Leaving the past behind

I know the road I take

Will give me struggles

But I know that in the end

It will be worth it

I will succeed

I am positive of my road

And indeed

I will reach the stars

So for people who doubt me

Just wait and see

By Paola Zometa


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  1. I agree with your poem, and agree that in life everyone will face their ups and downs. Although in reality it’s that extra step forward that will show the perseverance of a single person to do what it takes to get to the top.

  2. When you said, “So for the people who doubt me, just wait and see.”, it makes me understand the struggle and doubt many kids have on them by adults and peers who are supposed to support us and encourage us.

  3. Such a wonderful poem you wrote. I like your use of the pronoun being yourself as to help us better identify with you as the person. It really got me thinking about the importance for education in our society. Everyone’s journey is different but it is a road we all must take. Some roads are harder than others but we are meet at the same destination. Road is just the perfect metaphor for education, I believe. I love you last line. People will doubt our journey but we keep moving!

  4. Hi! I really enjoyed this poem! I think it’s really motivational, especially to people who have doubts about their future and how their life will turn out. I also think that the shuttle rhyming really adds emphasis to important words, like “end” and “behind” and “indeed” and “succeed”. I also think it makes the words that don’t rhyme stand out as well, like “stars”.

  5. Whoops I meant subtle, not shuttle!


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