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The Path

The path I’m on

Is different from

The path my fam has gone

I used to think that where I lived

Would keep me from success

But where I live is why I am

Striving for the best

By Laura Arevalo


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  1. You made me think about how everyone has a different path then others that have come before them and how everyone can make the most out of life by the paths and decisions they make when you said the path I’m on is different from the path my fam has gone.

  2. Elvir Ibisevic

    I really like this poem because no matter what condition a person lives in, if they want to be successful they can, but they need to work hard.

  3. Lydia Sinclair

    I like your poem because it makes me think about how my past defines my future. Where I come from has helped shape who I am, but it doesn’t define who I will become. That is my own choice

  4. Your poem made me think about how environment may have an impact on how people think about the world and how they strive to live their lives.

  5. Alexander Ritchie

    This makes me think of my and my brothers lives. My parents have chosen to lead us in one direction but is that the one we’ll stay on. All in all it just makes me about my future and that of all the people I know.


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