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“There have been many events in my life that have made me want to quit trying to achieve a successful life because it was the easier way out, but I realize that learning happens whether you think it’s a choice or not. I can never stop learning even if I wanted to because my life as a daughter, sister, friend, and even girlfriend has made me realize that education is inevitable; It’s up to me to choose what path I want to take and how far I want to expand my learning experiences. In order for me to understand the abilities that come with being a learner, I must have discipline to realize what the truth is that I am facing at the moment and what my choices are in order to make the choice that will help me grow as an individual. My choice is easy. Going to school and not only being street smart, but also book smart is what I believe will allow me to know what it means to truly be a learning. To understand and face any situation that you are put in is to be successful.”
-Maria U.


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  1. Brianna Handel

    I really connected to that part where you say that sometimes its easier to just quit but no matter what we are constantly retaining knowledge. It makes me think about myself and what dreams and aspirations I have for myself, all of which require a school education. I realize that it will be a lot of work but I have to persevere through it. When you say it’s the choices we make that make us who we are and shape us as individuals it makes me understand that when we do something it can define us, at the same time though I believe we shouldn’t let all the choices we make define us as individuals. Overall, I agree with everything you are saying because now a days, most dreams that we have require book smarts as well.

    Bri H.


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