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Every Day We Learn Something New

People say that a student’s life is quite easier than adult life because they don’t have to earn or face the outer world. But I feel that being a learner is a very challenging task. Every day we learn something new, get tougher, prepare for upcoming tests, help or take help from friends and deal with others when our opinion conflict with them. Being a learner takes you to an exciting trip to an alien planet where everything is new to you and with good guidance you discover the truth of life. Learning inculcates habit of being a patient listener, teamwork, discipline, punctuality and sincerity in us. I feel that learning is not just bound to books, it takes place in every moment we encounter in the world. Every creature teaches us something or the other. I love this quote, “You will always stay happy and be successful if you never stop learning.”

-Keshav Kaushik
Ambience Public School
New Delhi


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