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As a senior at School for the Visual Arts and Humanities, I look back at my 13 years of education. I’ve come to realize that endless knowledge and lifelong learning is a satisfying and successful way of living. I’ve developed gratitude for the great quality of education SVAH has provided me through the last three and half years. I respect all of my educators for the work they do, and the love they bring to the class. I recall struggling in Algebra 1 more than anything else. I could not understand the material through the explanations the textbook provided. It was not until my math teacher explained to me how to accurately graph a coordinate with a formula through a diagram. I finally understood the root of my problem – it wasn’t because I did not understand math, but I learned math best through visuals. I was a visual learner. That was the moment i realized the true definition of what it means to be a learner. The definition of what it means to be a learner is finding what you like to study, what feeds your appetite for knowledge, and build your strategies that facilitate your learning. By building those strategies and applying them to every new subject you want to learn, no matter how difficult you perceive a challenge, your strategy to approach it will eliminate any mental note of “impossible.” confidently, I progressed to the next math levels and was able to succeed because my teacher included visual diagrams to help me with problem solving. My opinion on learning changed after that experience, I no longer felt fear about learning a new subject, i wanted to learn more and expand my knowledge knowing that I understood any challenge through a visual representation. I had no idea what it mean to be hungry for knowledge prior to S.V.A.H, I have a more optimistic look about learning, nothing is impossible. I can break down any challenge to the point that i can figure it out. Now as a senior, I know that we all have bottomless stomachs that are just rumbling to feast on apprehension of knowledge.

Having found a strategy on which I can build and grow will always help me, especially in my career path into the medical field. I will constantly have to memorize facts, measurements, and anatomy. I will benefit from being a visual learner, enabling me to approach the rigorous assignment and classes in med-school in a manner that facilitates anything I take on through a diagram, drawings for key terms, and visual representations of any anatomy I must memorize.

By Chris Cuellar


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