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How I Perceive Myself as a Learner

Life as a learner? Hmmm, it’s strange how someone would ask you a question that would leave you speechless for a few moments. When I look at myself in a mirror, I wonder: how do I feel about myself as a learner?
First things first, being a learner means having great responsibilities. Well, one does have to work hard to get through every single day at school, the possibilities are endless. Frankly, I don’t even know how I would classify myself as a learner I am a slacker, enthusiastic or an eager student? But one thing is for sure, learning is something one cannot live without. Learning is what I consider to be my number one priority. It’s an integral part of our lives, so why don’t we study to the fullest?
Now when I observe myself in the mirror, I realize that I am not a slacker,; I love to learn, do my homework, respect my teacher and what not? I may not be creative, so what? I still love to learn. If you think of me as a nerd, I will not mind. Bill Gates did say to respect nerds, for there are chances of one worker under one. If my hobby of learning makes me look dull, I won’t be concerned; for who knows what a mind of a nerd looks like? I must admit though, I will fit perfectly in the category of nerd, but it is quite nice to be one. Being eager to learn is good for oneself, for eagerness of learning is what distinguishes from the illiterate. So what if I am not good looking or athletic (even though they play an important role in our lives). I am happy to say that I love to learn and I believe I would become successful one day. Now is the time for me to put my pen down, put on that, “white-blue” uniform, and wait for the bus to come; which would take me to my school where I would spend half of my day learning something new.

-Umer Usman Sr-1A
Ambience Public School New Delhi


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