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Being a learner is learning how to survive,
To take up knowledge and skill someone shows you.
Going from rock bottom to becoming the highest
I am still learning
I am taking baby steps trying to find my path again
We have hope we won’t be in this mess no more
I am a learner, the youngest out of them
I am his granddaughter the one who sadly needs to clean up his mess
Every day is a struggle, every thug, every scar,
I see it every day I wish the whole world was in my hand
This is my world and you’re welcome to see the beginning of my story
The fears I had when I first started with this problem
I tried my best to hold my tears
Beginning to lose them all changed my life around
School work changed
I couldn’t keep up with my grades
My anger, sadness, and happiness got lost into music
I hear, play, and sing to music it’s a beautiful feeling when your fingers touch a piano and play a song
Every good memory comes up when I make something sweet
I take up knowledge I see naturally
I am a learner who is still reaching her goals
When mixing the cake mix and ingredients it looks like an imaginary swirl
A tornado that clears up all the negativity in my life
Smelling the chocolate scent from far away
Carries me into a world where I’m not alone
I have my friends they’re just like me they struggle in schools and gangs
They’re dropouts, students, gang members, drug dealers, and learners.
We’re not originals or are in those types of groups
We talk, act, and dress like them
We know those who are in them
Knowing where we come from and who we are to be is a challenge
I am his granddaughter the next “boss” to be in control
I deny his life style
I want to have my own, a high school graduate
A baker, someone who is still around to live my life to the fullest,
This isn’t the end of my story
It’s still the beginning…

By Sandy Jovel


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