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What is a Learner?

What does it mean to be a learner?
To be a learner you must learn both in and out of school. School teaches you academic things and the street teaches you how to survive. On the street I learn who not to mess with, to stay away from bad habits like drugs and alcohol.

You must decide which path you want to take. You can either be a follower or a leader. It depends on which road you take, some people take the wrong path and end up learning about life the hard way.
My brother dropped out of school and said “I don’t need education.” Now he asks us for help reading and writing. So now he depends on us.

To be a learner is like being a book, the content of the book becomes our life experience. Something that will benefit me in the future, being a learner is like survival of the fittest. You compete with others, if you don’t get what you need to help you in the future you won’t make it.

By Josue Morales


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