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The Learner Project was created by high school students to show what it means to be a learner. We want to show that we have the ability to express our voices in education so that education can truly be by and for students.

This blog was created by students at the School for the Visual Arts and Humanities, an environment where students are given the chance to expand on not only their artistic skills, but are given the opportunity to learn about the world around them. We believe that a complex public education must incorporate the arts in order to establish the kind of innovative thinkers in demand for the 21st century. The arts play an important role in human development; without them, students experience a disconnection on many levels. We believe the arts promote creativity and humanity in the learning environment Children who are given the opportunity to grow in their creative expression generally have a positive attitude in school.

Our students have unique experiences that have helped shaped their educational journeys as students living in Los Angeles. A collection of students’ poems, learner statements, and artwork is displayed, answering the essential question: What does it mean to be a learner?

By Maria U. , Paola Z. , Marilyn P. , High School Seniors


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