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The Diverted Path

Not knowing what it is to be a good learner is something that I am fairly familiar with. Knowing first-hand what I know what not to do is something that is essential to my journey as a learner. Throughout my journey as a learner I have closed various doors of opportunities and growth in my education. I have taken for granted the gift of education that so many seek. Helpful teachers, an encouraging environment, and motivation people have all been gifts I have rejected and lost along the way of this journey. These various actions of rejection have temporarily diverted me from a clear and promising path. Mistakes have created and helped shape my mindset as a learner, so as a learner it is essential to make various amounts of mistakes. Rebuilding myself as a learner is something I have been working on all throughout my high school career. I have tried to regain the motivation and fervor that is necessary in the entire learning process. This motivation and fervor is hard to regain but I have noticed how important it is in education.

By Manuel de Leon


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