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A Learner’s Cerebral Process

A Learners' Cerebral

By: Javier Garcia


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  1. Thank you for sharing this…This is often how I think of my students as a teacher. I can see that everyone might be thinking through different steps at the same time. How creative!

  2. Gina Bertelsen

    This picture made me think about how set up learning is. The teacher says one thing and all kids take it and either learn it right away or it may take a while for them to understand. Sometimes we get caught up in grades and just getting the material down and staying on schedule that teachers or students may not fully understand the material but we keep moving forward. Great picture and artwork.

  3. This picture reinforces my thought of there being a difference between sitting through a lecture, and actually processing the information.

  4. I think that you captured the new way this generation is learning that is different from previous generations. The influence of technology has had a big impact on not only the way we learn but the way that we think and you did a good job of showing the importance of this in your piece.


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